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Community Engagement Plan – Kendra’s House

Community Engagement Plan Policy

In compliance with rule number 5101:2-9-38 Kendra’s house
has created a community engagement plan in accordance with rules.  Kendra’s House will provide the community,
with a designated mile radius, information on the type of residential facility
we are, along with emergency contact hours, email addresses, and phone numbers
for responding to incidents which may occur that involve residents and/or

Kendra’s House will also maintain it on the Kendra’s
house website the protocols for the community to communicate concerns along
with contact names, phone numbers, email addresses and time from for concerns
to be addressed. Kendra’s House will provide to the Erie County Sheriff Department,
and Margaretta Township Fire Department our emergency planning and preparedness
manual which includes all emergency contact names, numbers and email addresses
for our facility.

Kendra’s House community engagement plan includes our
address which is 4317 State Rt. 269 S., Castalia, OH 44824, our phone number 419
656-9074, email address, and on our website at
 Any questions/concerns presented by
community members will be addressed within 7 days.  The executive director will address these

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